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August 2013Fairest of the months! Ripe summer’s queen. The hey-day of the year with robes that gleam with sunny sheen Sweet August doth appear.  by R. Combe Miller

Alright, it’s not summer season anymore from the county I lived in, which is Philippines, anyway. But there are still sunny days between rainy days after the clouds are tired of crying. Haha! So yeah, grasses are really green because the rain pours so much water for them. 

I don’t expect too much for this month. I mean I prefer not too and just enjoy my life with friends, family and with my Romeo. I have couple of things that I wanna do for this month honestly so hopefully I could pursue if not all, maybe some.

I would like to thank all my new followers here by the way. You made my blog more and more lively and also for those who have been here for me for a quite sometime, please do stick around. I love you all!! 

Hooray for the month of August!

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