My Simple Holiday Makeup Look

I know this post is kind of late for the yuletide season, but y’know what they say; “it’s better  late than never.” I had some difficulties on filming my look since this is my first try doing my own makeup and it left me a bit self-conscious and slightly scared even. I have never done something like this before. The first time I did a makeup video was last summer with my make-up artist friend for my summer look make-up. Disclaimer, though, I do my make up just by feel and simply just by how I think I look good with. I really don’t follow any makeup application principles and what-not. So do bear with me.

All these goodies that I am using right here were from Sephora PH and I am so honored to be working with them.

By the way guys, you could also view my product reviews of my last SephoraPH Makeup Haul on my previous post here.

So there you have it and I hope you enjoy my post! I will surely make another look the next time around! God bless!

My Second Sephora PH Haul

Today, I’m excited to share you guys my second haul on Sephora PH – a one-stop place for all your beauty needs. They are available 24/7 with fast and affordable shipping rates. Shipping is free for orders above Php1,300. And all orders are entitled to samples! I have not done a beauty/ make-up haul for some time now, so it’s just about time to share my thoughts about these products that I got. Continue Reading

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Hello 2017

It is the time to say goodbye to 2016 and to sail towards more memories for 2017. If you’ve been following my blog last year; it was such a memorable time for me and my Romeo because we finally tied the knot and we couldn’t thank God enough for that. There were a lot of things that happened that were extremely beyond my imagination and through God’s grace I survived! But of course, I wanna treasure the happiest memories and should learn some lessons from bad ones. I would not write it on detail for now but rather looking forward to see what it’s got in store for us.

I couldn’t leave my 2016 without saying THANK YOU to all who made my year more colorful. To those who stayed over the years and are still with me through my ups and downs. To you, my readers who tirelessly read my posts even though at times there are no legit contents. Haha! I will try my best to do better and improve more on my blogging journey for you guys! I love you all dearly!Again, welcome to 2017, new beginnings, new goals, new failures, new adventures and just as always … new reasons to smile.


Life Lately – Quick Update

Being a wife. Hello, lovelies! I’m finally back from my not so unexpected hiatus. It seems like I’ve been quite nailing myself for being a wife right now. In the first place, I know it wasn’t easy at all, it will be filled with bittersweet moments and so many things that we won’t expect to happen later on. It takes more effort to make sure that I am serving my husband and taking care of what he needs. Adjusting myself to the fact that I need to learn more along this journey as a wife.Few thoughts that I am sure with, was that I am ready (not prepared) to spend my whole life with my hubby and everything will be alright when God is the center of our marriage.

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Days with Eyebuydirect

Most of us, spend most of our time every day using our devices, such as smartphones, laptops, and tablets anywhere and everywhere. When we are at work we are using computers and our televisions at home. Somehow it will really affect our eyesight, so it’s worth to protect our eyes from the potential harm of digital screens and blue light.Gladly, Eyebuydirect sent me one of their glasses and I’m really excited to share it with you guys! I’ve got Prism in Translucent used for digital protection, it has clear lenses in Eyezen and with UV coating. The way on getting one that you need on their website Eyebuydirect aside from you need to pick your frame, you must determine your classes like for distance, reading and etc. Right after that, you will add your prescription if ever you have one tho and then type of lens on your preference if for digital protection or for clear, sun and light adjusting. Then lastly, type of lenses you want.Did you know that extended use of digital devices can make our eyes work harder? Prolonged exposure requires the eye to constantly maintain focus and puts significant strain on its energy expenditure. This may contribute to eye dryness and fatigue, an inability to maintain focus, headaches, and long-term wear on your vision. Continue Reading